Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let's Get Lost Book Review!

Such an adorable, feel good novel. This book put me in such a happy positive mood, and made me want to desperately go on a road trip. 17-year old Leila is on a quest to see the Northern Lights in Alaska and is driving across the country to make her dream happen. As she encounters each new person she gives them all a different reason why she is going to Alaska, and we do not actually learn the truth until she gets to Alaska.

The point of view in this story is not only from Leila (the last section), but from the point of view of the four people she encountered along the way. From their different points of view we see how they perceived Leila and what imprint she left on them before she leaves to continue on her journey.  On her journey she comes across four strangers and during the time she spent with each of them she leaves an imprint on them. 

The people she meets are interesting and have their own stories, their own lives: Hudson, Elliot, Sonia. They all have their own affect on Leila as well. The effect they have each other is reciprocal and each character is able to grow a little more after experiencing Leila. 

If you want a book that will cheer you up, or just put you in a better mood I would totally pick this one up. The commentary and stories in the book will resonate through you.