Sunday, December 6, 2015

Made You Up Book Review!

This book captured my attention by the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I absolutely adore it. The story is a little different that my usual pick: The heroine, Alex, is a schizophrenic, thus making her quite a unreliable narrator. But fear not! That should not turn you off to the story - you will fall in love with Alex. She is awesome and her snark will make you crack up. I was worried she would be hard to connect with, but you will easily make a connection with her. You will feel for her and make you empathize for those who deal with this illness. Most people know the logistics of schizophrenia, but actually reading the story from the perspective of someone having it will opens your eyes. Of course this is just a story, but even just imagining living with something like this will help others to understand.

The story was itself was about Alex who has transfer at the start of her senior year of high school since she had to leave her old high school. At her new school she is required to do community service and ends up making friends with her community service group. The boss of the group, Miles, is an intriguing character, and it takes awhile for us to learn more about him. Along with the normal hub bub of high school and the drama that come with it - she has to also try and figure out what is real and what is a hallucination. Armed with her camera, Alex will take pictures of things so she can later look back at them and see what was truly there - after the hallucination fades. Alex starts to notice that she is less paranoid her hallucinations are less frequent when she’s with Miles, and they start to form a bond that benefits the both of them.

Some parts of the story were hard to determine if they were real or not. Sometimes I would believe it to be one way, and then find out later that it was the complete opposite. Most of the plot twists I did not see coming and I wish I did just so I was not so shocked! The major shocker! Gah! I wish I could talk about it. Anyways I could not put this book down, it was so hard to do anything else, but read it until the end. I read this on my Kindle, and I’m contemplating buy the physical copy because I loved it so much.